Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Example Post With Image

This is example post with image. You can add more and more images in your post. Enjoy!

Example Post With Order and Unorder List

This Post is example for Order List or Unorder List

Order List

  1. download your template
  2. Ekstcact with winzip software
  3. Login to blogger
  4. Click layout
  5. More... and more

Unorder List

  • download your template
  • Ekstcact with winzip software
  • Login to blogger
  • Click layout
  • More... and more

Example Post With BlockQuote

This Post is example for BlockQuote. Below is a blockquote :

Educational institutions in the United States demand their students have medical insurance. The policy can be the minimum available, but they must have a health insurance policy.

You can add more and more blockquotes in your post.