Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Remove Charge Offs From Your Credit Report

A good FICO score is important. With the tightened up requirements for a new mortgage, your credit report may be more important than ever. Now, we'll see how you can raise your credit score fast.

Not many people know that charge offs can be removed from a credit report. Charge offs can have a truly problematic effect on your credit.

Long story short; you want them off your credit report. If your credit report displays a few charge offs, there are ways of getting them off. This will improve your credit score and give you lower interest and monthly payments in return.

The order of getting charge offs removed begins with getting a copy of your credit report. You get 1 copy of credit report per calendar year. This allows you te investigate what's on there.

It's not rare to get a mistake on your credit report. As soon as you see a mistake, write a letter to the credit bureau. Don't use email, compose a real letter. With ink and a stamp. If you do not receive word from the bureau within 30 days, the charge gets dropped from your report. This means an increase in your FICO score

This may seem like a insignificant step, but all the steps matter in credit. You can save thousands of dollars in the next few years by increasing your credit score by an amount that looks small on the surface. So be almost microscopic when going over the report.

Researching your credit report is something the majority of the population never does. People presume that everything is reported fine. In reality, credit bureaus make a lot of mistakes. You have the possibility to remove charge offs and increase your score. You just have review your credit report, see if any mistakes have been made and report them to the credit bureaus. This alone can save you thousands of dollars in the next few years.

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