Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Auto Insurance is the Law

Why is it necessary to maintain your auto insurance? People have debated whether it is necessary every since there became laws about maintaining it. The fact is it is the law and that in itself makes it important. The most obvious reason is it gives you financial protection.

Lawmakers in every state believe it is important to maintain auto insurance and they have very valid reasons behind it.

They have expensive fines and actions they take if you choose to ignore it. Still many people still ignore the laws set forth in regards to auto insurance.

These people who chose to ignore the laws can pay pretty big for doing so. This is why uninsured motorist coverage has become so popular for motorist. So many people have heard the horror stories of being hit by someone without insurance.

If you choose to go uninsured and you cause an accident you will not be excused from paying all the damages you cause. Many states will suspend you license if you do not pay. Some other expenses involved are towing of your vehicle, impounding and fines to the court, court cost for damages.

There are six different kinds of coverage to consider when looking into auto insurance. Most states require you to carry Bodily Insury liability so we will discuss this first. This coverage will pay for anybody you or anyone you give permission to drive your vehicle that gets harmed in an at fault accident. But, due to the high cost of medical bills the states minimum limits may not be enough.

If you are interested in coverage that also covers you and your passengers medical expenses you would want to purchase PIP or Personal Injury Protection. Another coverage that your state may say you must have is Property Damage Liability, which covers structure, tress, post and things like that.

If you want to protect your vehicle from collision you would want to purchase Collision Coverage. It will cover your automobile whether you are at fault. Comprehensive Coverage will cover damage to your vehicle from other things like a fallen tree or vandals.

Too many people only purchase the minimum amount of coverage that the state requires and often that is not adequate coverage. So you may want to purchase under insured motorist coverage for your protection. Then the insurance company will pay what ever the other persons insurance does not if damages exceed their coverage.

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